Видео: Wavosaur/Jokosher Tutorial - Part 1

Jokosher Review - App Reviews

Jokosher is a simple yet powerful multi-track studio. With it you can create and record music, podcasts and more, all from an ...

Better Than Audacity? Wavosaur Sample and Loop Editing

In my opinion for this specific task, the free program, Wavosaur is about the best and is far superior to Audacity for this one specific ...

Ojambo - Review Jokosher (vs 0006)

Jokosher Review. Jokosher is a free multi-track audio editor. There are downloadable packages for Linux and Windows. Jokosher ...

Βασικές λειτουργίες του wavosaur

Μέρος εργασίας του μαθήματος Επεξεργασία Ομιλίας και Ήχου του Ιονίου Πανεπιστημίου Δυστυχώς σε κάποια...

Ubuntu: Effects for Jokosher

Ubuntu: Effects for Jokosher Helpful? Please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/roelvandepaar With thanks ...

Wavosour tutorial

Remove vocals of any song using wavosour.

how to make a wav file loop with Wavosaur

this well tell you how to put a loop in a wav.file for a video game like CS 1.6 or 007 NF ______ or put a loop in a wav.file for a ...

How to change voice while recording in Wavosaur free audio editor

Download WaVoSaur Audio Editor at here: http://www.wavosaur.com/ PROMOTION ☀️VOICE CHANGER SOFTWARE ...

The 5 Best Free Audio Editor 2016

The 5 Best Free Audio Editor Software 2016 Audacity Link: http://www.audacityteam.org/ Wavosaur Link: ...

Audio Enhancement Using Avidemux and Wavosaur

Audio is a vital part of the impact of a video. If we don't have the ability to record with an external mic of some kind, we're stuck with ...

Traverso Tutorial Overview

How to create a song using Traverso.

Tutorial de Myna de Aviary. Parte 1

Primera parte de Tutorial de Myna de Aviary.

Wavosaur: présentation du logiciel

http://www.wavosaur.com Voici une petite présentation du logiciel gratuit Wavosaur qui permet l'édition audio.

Wav to MP3 with WAVOSAUR


Webosaur idol (Small age)

The first episode of webo idol! The theme is small age! Check it out!

Опубликовано: 17 Апр 2019

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