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I tried the speed car abyss out of curiosity. I thought it might be interesting. It went amazingly well. Conversation started the moment we started putting stickers on the board. We were able to distill thoughts down into reasonable actions and we can make a move on it. Definitely a keeper.

5 Effective Sprint Retrospective Techniques

Background: Diabetes is a major risk factor for foot ulceration and leg amputation, but the effect of intensive glycaemic control on wound healing is unknown. While an interdisciplinary approach has been shown to be important in the management of diabetic foot ulcer DFU , there is no standardised definition of such an interdisciplinary team. Objective: To investigate the role of an opportunistic, rapid-access, inter-disciplinary model of diabetes care at a foot wound clinic.

Methods: A retrospective case-control study of patients with DFUs attending a diabetes foot wound clinic over a 6-month period.

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Over the years, we’ve collected retrospective ideas – my challenge to myself and others has always been to never use the same retro facilitation technique twice! Changing it up gets people to think differently and that’s what you need in a retro. Here are a load of ideas! My blog post on Retros. Retrospective Prime Directive – a favorite way to kick off a Retro!

Regardless of what we discover, we understand and truly believe that everyone did the best job they could, given what they knew at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. Action items – treat them like experiments! How long to run it? Perfection Game.

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The internet and books are full of retro techniques but with the expertise on this site I thought it would be cool to put together a list of our favorites so we can have a toolbox of techniques that are proven. Troy Lightfoot. Dixit Retrospective: Dixit Retrospective. Scrum values retro: Scrum Values Starfish Retro. During retrospective activities, it is easy to hit a wall of unproductive blame.

address them. We present Speed Dating, a design method for rapidly exploring Retrospective on a year of participatory design using the PICTIVE technique.

Running an effective sprint retrospective is hard. The good news is that your sprint retrospective will get better with experience. Every time that you convene for a meeting you will be able to identify areas where the meeting could have been improved, where feedback could have been better solicited and implemented, and how small adjustments to the techniques used in the meeting could have big results on the next one. Gain a deeper understanding of how your team truly felt about the previous sprint and design solutions that answer their biggest concerns, resulting in a smoother collaboration during the next sprint.

It could have still been a productive and helpful meeting, but there is nothing wrong with recognizing that there is room for improvement. Often, what retrospective meeting leaders need to get over this hump are just a few new techniques and formats. These formats can provide you with a fresh way to tackle the common beats of sprint retrospective meetings and keep your team engaged, while solving particular problems that come with running retrospectives.

By defining a framework to follow in your next meeting, you not only ensure that your meeting stays on track and is productive but also that you are hitting all of the points that you need to in order to solicit the best possible feedback. These frameworks will help you to target new goals and check off old goals that have remained unobtained for far too long. Before your next sprint retrospective meeting, consider using some of the following techniques:. We know—retrospectives are supposed to be a somewhat freeform, team-driven exercise.

The idea is for the discussions to go wherever they are taken, based on the feedback that the team is providing. To some, using a pre-defined format for your retrospective meetings might seem counterproductive.

Agile100 Online Conference June 2020

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Speed Dating (#26). Each team member explores one topic in depth in a series of talks. Source: Thorsten Kalnin. Each participant writes down one topic they​.

I went through this quick meeting with an agile class recently and I said I would post this for the crew to refer back to. In agile teams there are a couple of core roles and then the rest depends on the kind of work the team does. But we can give some more clarity than this, as I have previously discussed here.

Even so, the role of the Scrum Master or Product Owner or Tech Lead or even others will vary from project to project and even sprint to sprint. So I often have people sit down together and actually tell each other what they think they are in the team for. I then compare this to what the person doing the role thought they were doing. It leads to fun discussions and the revelation of surprising differences in opinion. In bigger teams I even do this as a speed dating exercise.

Each person develops their rough role profile and then sits with another team member.

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Then in a retrospective or a team meeting in “sprint 0” I get the team to state what In bigger teams I even do this as a speed dating exercise.

Around the time that the Agile Manifesto materialized, another fast paced and sleeker model of partnering and collaboration was popularizing — speed dating! It only seemed fitting that the two could somehow co-exist, even if just in a playful and platonic manner. This is a fun twist for teammates that have established a good connection but might need a break from the more traditional retrospective ceremony. While you may encounter a lot of baffled looks upon introducing this exercise, you can rest assured that the end result will liven the room and afford heightened relationships.

The activity is unique in the sense that teammates will have an opportunity to discuss their thoughts one on one. Before the group enters the space, place sets of chairs facing one another throughout the room. Explain the rules to your team and have them divide into two groups. Group A will remain stationary. Group B will rotate clockwise upon hearing the buzzer or bell.

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As mentioned, DevOpsDays Austin went off great! And after the event, we sent out extensive surveys to attendees, sponsors, volunteers, speakers, and even the organizers to learn and improve. Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback, we appreciate it! If you want the full details, sure, here you go! Sorry about the quality of the pics, these are basically ones I snapped myself on my iPhone.

But hopefully they show some of what happened at the event! My favorite conference for a couple of years now. This makes me happy.

Understanding Sprint Retrospectives (Ultimate Guide)

It’s been a while since I shared yet another crazy retrospective format that we tried. Here’s a new one, the “speed dating retrospective”. This format makes it mandatory for everyone to actively participate and gives everyone the same importance. Which is particularly interesting when you have “loud-mouths” in your team. I would encourage you not to go over 5 permutations in order to keep this phase under 60 minutes. If your team has more than 6 members, leave some permutations off.

address them. We present Speed Dating, a design method for rapidly exploring Muller, M.J.: Retrospective on a year of participatory design using the PICTIVE.

Nothing teaches better lessons on retrospectives than running retrospectives in practice. In this blog I will share personal lessons on retros and some ideas for alternative structures. The first four topic describe mindsets and things to consider during preparation or follow ups. The latter four provide ideas on alternative retro formats. Boy-scout-approach: It is okay not to have life changing outcomes of the retro.

Small steps count very much in the overall picture. If every retro would produce a live changing outcome, all teams would be top notch by now. Why not use a boy-scout-approach: each time you sit together try to leave the room in a slightly better shape than you came in. It is just like Uncle Bob advises programmers to do before checking in code.

No absolutism in having one: It is also okay to skip the retro occasionally, for example when the whole team wants to work on finishing an important feature in a sprint or simply because a lot of people are not in.

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