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How to identify Murano Glass? How to be sure that I am buying a genuine work of Venetian masters, a piece of authentic Murano Glass? Unfortunately, there are not always identifying marks found on Murano glassware and it is not easy to identify Murano Glass. And therefore, this question is by far the most common one among those we receive. This does not come as a surprise since so many counterfeits have flooded the market in recent years. Most Murano Glass lovers appreciate Venetian glassware not only for its beauty but also for its historic, artistic, and sentimental value. So understandably they want to be sure they are buying the real thing, handmade in a Murano Glass factory, rather than some cheap imitation. Here are our top 5 expert tips to ensure you are buying authentic Murano Glass, whether in a store or online.

The Origins of Murano Glass

We can all agree that Murano Glass is probably as known as the canals, bridges, and gondolas in Venice, right? Murano Glass is glass that is produced in Murano, an island very close to Venice. It is one of the most refined and renown type of crafts worldwide. In the beginning, glass factories were mainly on the island of Venice. However, after one too many fires caused by glass factories in Venice, the local government prohibit the use of ovens for industrial production in the city of Venice.

N.B. Please note that actual labels or marks may be significantly larger or smaller than the illustrations shown. Anchor or Jan Beránek) dated Compagnia di Venezia e Murano Vetri e Mosaici, Italy (established ) (bought out by.

Murano Glass is so individual and varies from very small items and figures to fantastic sculptures including musical instruments and in all colours and shades imaginable, the Galleries are quiet amazing but so are the smaller ones. Prices go from a few Euros for say cufflinks to many thousands for the highly intricate and stunning items. Well worth a visit and some nice small cafes nearby reasobaly priced much cheaper than Venice main island.

We were so impressed we bought an item to add to our collection of Murano glass from previous visits to Venice. The skill of some of these workers is unbelievable! We found this via a tip from a traveler we met in a cafe. Upon our visit, we were given a personal guide who gave our family a beautiful guided tour of the factory. The real surprise was viewing their gallery – exquisite craftsmanship everywhere – from the building itself, the superb and unbelievably unique, experimental and beautiful glass sculptures – everything spoke of the highest standards imaginable.

We were treated as guests in their home, met several wonderful members of staff, and this was truly the highlight of our visit to Murano which is very beautiful and less crowded than Venice. Be aware and be educated before buying anything. If you want cheap glass, go to Walmart. IF you want heirloom art that will blow your mind and bring lasting and practical joy to your children and grandchildren, – go the the New Murano Glass factory.

Fantastic demonstration.

Technical Details

Does the item appear to be hand-made with slightly irregular surface or texture, or perhaps tiny bubbles inside the glass? Is it shiny, extremely light and composed of several different layers? Does it come with a punt mark on its base? Murano glass is always produced by hands and so it is noticeably irregular and perceivably lighter than its fake replicas, especially the very heavy Chinese glass often used to create counterfeit Murano products.

For your consideration is this group of 11 Murano glass candies 7 of them have their original hand made in Murano stickers. They range in size.

Your search has returned results. SAVE your search to find out when items are available at auction. Ten Art Glass Vessels, including a heart-and-vines vase and two Murano dolphin-form cups, ht. Luigi Onesto Italian, b. Onesto Murano Italy,” ht. William Morris American, b. Lino Tagliapietra Italian, b. Pino Signoretto Italian, b.

Note: Pino Signoretto studied under Murano Murano Glass Vase, Italy, late 20th century, bottle-form with flared rim, decorated with red, blue, yellow and green circles on a swirled dark and pale lavender ground, partial Murano paper label, Lino Tagliapietra b.

How to Identify Murano Glass: Traits, Labels, & Marks

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As with all paperweight-making locations there are good and bad — this is even true of antique French weights, generally considered to be the most valuable and collectable. Dozens if not hundreds of individual makers and glass houses have operated there, some for short periods and some for decades. Many Murano weights are fabulous— as nice as those from other great glass producing locales.

Look for a sticker or stamp. If it says “Made in Italy” or “Made in Venice,” it is not likely to be Murano glass. These are two ways outside glass.

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Murano Glass Gifts

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You will need to analyze the colors, imperfections, labels or markings, store reputation and its willingness to educate you about Murano Glass.

Many who are lucky enough to have visited delightful Venice may well have come across examples of hand blown glass ornaments produced on the island of Murano. Owing to the way Murano glass items are made, each one is likely to be a unique work of art. That Murano glass objects are colorful works of art is hard to deny, but it can be a little hard to know whether items claiming to be genuine Murano glass really are what they claim to be.

First off, there are the low prices, then it can be hard to understand whether or not the items really are genuine made in Murano glass. There are a couple of ways you can tell — always assuming the sellers, who are not always Amazon itself, are telling the truth. When shopping, on or off line, for Murano glass ornaments — vases, cute clown statues and more, check whether the item which catches your eye is actually made in Italy. A genuine certificate ; remembering that certificates can be faked too; will have the date the item was made and which artist or master made it.

On the official Murano glass website, further details on the sticker are given:. The mark includes the code in red or blue [to the right of the tongs — not shown in the image to the right] of the manufacturing company and is anti-counterfeit as it cannot be removed without it breaking into fragments. If you are considering purchasing Murano glassware, you need to be certain it is the real made in Italy thing, especially if you are purchasing for investment purposes.

Here is the official guide to genuine Murano glassware. With the above in mind, and after having filtered out what appeared to be the copies, here is a list of ten examples of Murano glass items which are popular with Amazon.

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But I was wondering the best way to date Murano pieces. foil labels, sometimes even the font on a label (not just for glass) can help point to a.

Learning how to identify Murano glass that’s authentic takes research and skill. What makes Murano glass special is the fact that it’s handmade on Murano Island in Venice, Italy, but that’s also what makes it hard to identify. The lack of a universal marking system means you need to learn what Murano glass is and who makes it so you can properly identify it.

Murano glass is a specific style of glass that’s handmade and often has a quilted or mosaic look. These decorative glass pieces are made by Murano masters, or highly skilled glass artisans in Murano, Italy who use bright colors. All Murano pieces are hand-blown glass or mouth-blown. Many of the hand tools used by these master glassmakers are designs from the middle ages.

Murano glass includes everything from vases and chandeliers to Christmas ornaments and glass jewelry beads. The best way to find a real piece of Murano glass is to visit Murano and buy directly from the maker. Since this isn’t practical for a lot of people, you can use these tips to see if your piece is authentic. While each Murano glass piece is unique because it is handmade, some of the traits or characteristics as shared by The Venice Insider indicate it is real.

The more traits you find in your piece, the better than chances it is authentic Murano glass. Not all Murano glass has an identifying mark in or on the glass. Individual artists or Murano glass factories decide how they will mark their own pieces.


Back to Glass Encyclopedia Home. Carlo Moretti Murano glass foil label. Carlo Moretti Murano glass clear plastic label. Murano glass foil label, probably an exporter or retailer, found on Carlo Moretti vase. Cenedese Murano glass foil label.

Buy My Italian Decor Millefiori Murano Glass Paperweight, Handmade in Italy: Collectible made by hand, by Murano Glass artist using traditional methods dating back centuries. Comes with authentication sticker and is signed by the artist.

Virtual Beachcombing Festival. Murano glass is synonymous with Venetian glass, and the origins of glassmaking in Venice go back to the times of the Roman Empire when precast glass was used for lighting of bathhouses. One of the earliest furnaces for glass on a Venetian island, dating from the 8th century, was discovered by archaeologists in Glass was considered a luxurious status symbol in medieval times, delicate and difficult to make well.

Venice became a major glass manufacturing center in Europe in the 13th century. This was most likely realized by the Fourth Crusade of when Venetians and other European crusaders ravaged Constantinople; but while most crusaders took away gold and jewels, the Venetians took away many of the finest Byzantine craftsmen, including glassmakers. Back home, they were making amazing glass because Venetian quartz was almost pure silica and Venice at the time had a near monopoly on the importation of soda ash, a critical ingredient in fine glass making.