Видео: Dry foam carpet foam by Dr. Schutz

Diversey Dry Foam Carpet Care System

The Diversey Dry Foam Carpet Care System is the first low-moisture system to deliver both excellent interim and near extraction ...

Before and after dry carpet cleaning by Dr. Schutz

This video explains how the dry carpet cleaning system by Dr. Schutz works and what are the advantages of this cleaning system.

Wet carpet cleaning with Concentrated Carpet Cleaner from Dr. Schutz

http://www.dr-schutz.com/en/dr-schutz/professional/products/cleaning-care-products-for-synthetic-fibre-carpets/pre-and-intensive- ...

Carpet stain removal (red wine etc.) with Dr. Schutz Floor Mate

http://www.dr-schutz.com/en/dr-schutz/private-consumers/products/cleaning-care-products-for-synthetic-fibre-carpets/stain- ...

Dry carpet Cleaning with Carpetlife powder and cleaning machine Carpetlife Profi 350

The Carpetlife dry carpet cleaning powder by Dr. Schutz are powerful cleaning granules you can use to effectively clean all ...

89 Dry foam

Dry Carpet Cleaners.

Carpet impregnation spray Baygard by Dr. Schutz

Baygard impregnation is a carpet protection spray and impregnates your carpet. It encases the fibre so that new dirt can't enter the ...

Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning

http://www.bubblesandsuds.ca We offer carpet cleaning for $69.95 including the Living Room, Dining Room and Hall. Get your ...

Carpet Cleaning Using Low Moisture Dry Foam

http://www.bubblesandsuds.ca Offering Carpet Cleaning and furniture cleaning services using encapsulation cleaning solutions in ...

KickAss Carpet Cleaner In A Can Dry Foam Carpet Cleaner

Sarah describes how the KickAss Dry Foam Carpet Cleaner works. Never have Dirty Carpets or Floors again. Save time and ...

Superior Carpet Cleaning (Circular Dry Foam)

I thought I would give you a better voice over with some even better music with a little up date of technology.

Professional carpet stain removal with Super Stain Remover R by Dr. Schutz

Water-insoluble stains like chewing gum or lacquer can easily be removed by Supert Stain Remover R for synthetic fibre carpets.

Pre-treat carpets with Fresh Up 2 in 1

You have to pre-treat your carpet in order to do a perfect dry carpet cleaning. Therefore Fresh Up 2 in 1 by Dr. Schutz is the ...


I was kinda reaching when I did this one lol. Memory foam carpet mat scrub using Foca laundry soap mixed with Borax Soap ...

Kleeneze Remove and Refresh High Foam Carpet Cleaner and Stain Remover with Simon King of Clean

Kleeneze Remove and Refresh High Foam Carpet Cleaner and Stain Remover.

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